Organizational Health Check

Unlimited Assessments for Your Organization
Organizational Health Check


Assess optimal performance of any business

The Organizational Health Check explores fifty-five essential elements for optimal business performance.

The eleven core business dimensions that drive performance and profitability are:

  • Personal – How does the individual feel in the organization?
  • Employee Alignment – Is everyone driving results and profitability?
  • Personnel – How effectively do your leaders lead?
  • Team Effectiveness – How strong are your teams?
  • Leadership – How trusted and inspiring is your leadership?
  • Strategy & Planning – How secure is your strategy?
  • Customer Service – How loyal are your customers?
  • Sales & Marketing – Does your pitch resonate & sell?
  • Operations – Do you run efficient and quality operations?
  • Cultural – How cohesive and beneficial is your culture?
  • Management – How effectively do you manage things?
Organizational Health Check


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