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Team Reports
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Make Accurate, Data-driven Decisions to Create Your Best Teams Ever.

Our Team Assessment Dashboard is an invaluable tool for leaders who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of their team members’ performance.

With a visually intuitive and secure dashboard, you can easily assess up to 200 members at once, or focus on a smaller group of just two individuals.

Your ability to build, diagnose and predict Team Development thru our platform allows you to:

  • Preview Team Communications
  • Identify Potential or Current Conflicts
  • Compare Team vs Team
  • Add or Remove Team Members
  • Ability to Preview and Filter Natural and Adaptive Scores
  • Ability to Display Highest Team Values Scores
  • Build Predictive Models of Potential New Teams
  • Set Up Temporary Teams
  • Compare Different Sub-groups within Teams
  • Sales vs Customer service
  • Marketing vs Finance
  • Temporary vs Hired Employees

Leverage the power of Team Reports to make data-driven decisions and achieve consistent team success.