The 4 Critical DISC Behaviors of an Effective Sales team

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Blog

Creating an effective sales team is critical to the success of every business.

Critical to the success of every salesperson is an environment and set of tasks that allow them to be the best version of themselves possible. Creating that environment is easy when you have 2 crucial pieces of information:

  1. Knowledge of the 4 categories of DISC
  2. Each salesperson’s DISC pattern

Let’s look at some general characteristics of each behavioral style, why they can succeed in sales, areas where they may need help, and how you can ensure you are providing an environment they’re going to love.

The D Category: Decisive


Higher D people can be seen as assertive, decisive, and results-oriented. You could also describe them as naturally demanding, driving, and forceful. Add to that a healthy dose of competitiveness and you’re looking at someone who is determined to get to the close.

Why D’s Can Succeed In Sales

Those with a higher D have a tendency to act quickly, take charge, and push to achieve goals. They can be described as resilient, inventive, and productive. Throw a bunch of balls in the air and they’ll manage them all since they are usually masters at juggling, and they don’t mind operating under pressure. If you have a sales presentation to be delivered, they’ve got you covered.

Where D’s May Need A Hand

Those who score higher in the D category of the DISC profile might need some help with focus. All that results orientation and competitiveness could make them appear restless. Provide them with solid goals and simple rules. They want to feel in charge of their own destiny, so don’t be too directive. You may also consider reminders about how their preferred selling style might be in conflict with their buyer’s purchasing style. They may miss their prospect’s needs in their rush to get to the close. Remind them they could be only partly through their current discovery process with a prospect, and you can tell they’ve already got their eye on the next sale. If you require follow up calls once the sale is made, you may need to remind the higher D to make that call or delegate the follow up to someone else.

The I Category: Interactive


When individuals score higher on the I on the DISC behavioral scale you’ll find people who look outgoing, enthusiastic, and persuasive. You could also describe them as gregarious, inspiring, and approachable. They typically thrive at connecting with others. Put them in a room full of strangers and they’ll be quite comfortable navigating the space. In fact, that space will charge them up and give them even more energy.

Why I’s Can Succeed In Sales

When higher I’s land in a sales environment you’ll see their persuasive nature come shining through. They’ll easily be able to connect with all types of people rather quickly and enjoy building a robust network of contacts. They are typically sensitive to the needs of others and will creatively generate solutions to solve problems and help people out.

Where I’s May Need A Hand

Focus could also be an issue with higher I individuals since they may get so emotionally involved in helping one person, they’ll forget they need to move on to their next appointment. Encourage them to set up a reminder process to help them be on time. Using their ears more than their mouths may also be a conversation you’ll want to have. They’ve usually got lots to share, and could benefit from training on improving their listening skills. In their need to help, a higher I may also over-promise during the close. If they even get to the close. Sometimes they can get so caught up in the relationship they lose track of why they’re there. Involve them in creating a process to keep them on track. Higher I’s love to brainstorm and share, so be sure to give them that opportunity especially if you’re creating a process that directly impacts them.

The S Category: Stabilizing


Salespeople higher on the S scale of the DISC profile seem calm, patient, and reliable. They are typically excellent listeners and enjoy building long-term relationships. Some things they value are stability, consistency, and predictability. They like to create harmony and balance in their own world and like it even more when they can share that with others.

Why S’s Can Succeed In Sales

Those with a higher S can be seen as natural salespeople because of their supreme focus on others. They are usually great listeners and ask illuminating questions to keep their prospects talking. They appear to have an easy-going nature that is disarming. Others may miss what seems very obvious to them. Remember that follow up call your higher D’s might forget? Your higher S’s will be happy to pitch in. Be patient with a higher S, thought. Allow them the time to nurture long-lasting relationships with their prospects and clients.

Where S’s May Need A Hand

Help a higher S with their time management. That supreme focus on others and their needs could lead to a rather drawn out sales process. There comes a time in every sale where all of the possible questions have been asked. Help your higher S determine what those milestones in a sales process look like. Spell out those verbal cues to help them stay on track. Arm your higher S with the skills they need to feel confident keeping control of the sale. If their prospect is a higher D, they could try to wrest control of the conversation from your S salesperson. Ramp up your own patience level. Higher S’s are in those relationships for the long haul. You should be, too.

The C Category: Cautious


The last column on the DISC profile scale but certainly not least is for the higher C. These folks value systems, process, and organization, and are usually quite detail-oriented. They value analytical thinking and enjoy data and crunching numbers.

Why C’s Can Succeed In Sales

You might not think a higher C could contribute to a sales team because their primary characteristics are detail orientation and thoughtfulness, but don’t count them out. If you are selling a very technical, involved product, you need to have someone patient and systematic enough to learn all of the minute details. If someone’s C is very low, they’ll have a tough time learning the entire operating manual while your higher C will eat it up and ask for more. If your prospect requires detailed reports, concise adoption statistics, and complicated contracts, your higher C’s are well equipped to handle all of those details.

Where C’s May Need A Hand

On the surface, higher C’s could appear aloof and standoffish. They may need a little more time to warm up to a prospect. Think about providing them with a selling partner, maybe a higher S or I who can warm up the prospect and then turn over the details to the C. Provide a structured selling process to keep the higher C from getting too bogged down in unnecessary details. If you do need to give a higher C some feedback, do it gently. Higher C’s have a tendency to be sensitive when people poke holes in their process.

Positive Sales Environment = Successful Sales

Using DISC to build an effective sales team can be a valuable tool for any business. By understanding the DISC styles of your team members, you can better tailor your management approach to build stronger relationships with all of them. This can lead to increased sales and revenue for your business.



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