The Attribute Index: The Head, Hand, and Heart

by | May 13, 2024 | Blog

The Attribute Index is a robust psychological assessment tool designed to measure an individual’s decision-making styles and cognitive attributes through the analysis of systemic, extrinsic, and intrinsic thinking dimensions.

The Attribute assessment provides insights into how a person perceives and evaluates their environment and themselves, identifying strengths and areas for development. This tool is used in human resources and organizational development to align employees’ capabilities with organizational roles, enhance team dynamics, and support strategic HR initiatives. It leverages individual potential for optimal performance and growth.

Understanding the roles of these 3 dimensions provide profound insights into our strengths. This framework, also known by the terms Systemic (The Head), Extrinsic (The Hand), and Intrinsic (The Heart), illustrates the different aspects of our ways of thinking and how they manifest within real-world scenarios.

The Head: Systemic Thinking

The Head, or the Systemic component, is where our logical and analytical abilities reside. It involves our capacity to process information, reason logically, and make decisions based on structured thought. This is where strategic planning, problem-solving, and critical thinking take place. By using our Head, we engage in tasks that require careful planning, detailed analysis, and clear execution based on solid data and factual information.

The Hand: Extrinsic Action

The Hand, referred to as the Extrinsic element, relates to the tangible outcomes of our actions. It’s what we produce and the visible impact of our efforts, whether it’s writing a report, creating a piece of art, or building a product. The Hand is all about action—it’s what transforms our strategic plans and emotional drives into concrete results that can be seen and touched.

The Heart: Intrinsic Values

The Heart, or the Intrinsic element, is perhaps the most profound. It encompasses our emotional and motivational core—our passions, empathy, values, and connections with others. It’s what drives our dedication to our goals and imparts meaning and purpose to our actions. The Heart fuels our commitment, helps us navigate interpersonal relationships, and imbues our tasks with passion and care.

Why These Elements Matter

Understanding and developing The Head, The Hand, and The Heart can lead to a more successful and fulfilling life. Here’s why integrating these elements is crucial:

  • Balanced Decision-Making: Utilizing both logical (The Head) and emotional (The Heart) perspectives ensures decisions that are not only smart but also aligned with our values.
  • Enhanced Creativity: The Hand turns the innovative ideas from The Head and the passion from The Heart into richer, more impactful creations.
  • Personal Fulfillment: Identifying our strongest aspects—thinking, doing, or feeling—helps us find roles and environments where we can excel and be happy.

Applying These Insights

To make the most of The Head, The Hand, and The Heart, start by identifying which areas are your strengths and which might need more attention. Perhaps you excel at generating ideas (The Head) but could improve on executing them (The Hand), or you’re great at performing tasks (The Hand) but could deepen your emotional connections to your work (The Heart).

Reflect on recent projects or interactions to see where your strengths have benefited you and where different choices might have led to better outcomes. Engaging in activities that challenge you to develop your weaker areas can lead to greater growth and satisfaction.


Exploring The Head, The Hand, and The Heart isn’t just about achieving professional success; it’s about creating a life rich in understanding, effective action, and meaningful connections. As we strive to develop all three dimensions, we not only enhance our own experiences but also contribute positively to those around us. Let’s continue to grow in these areas to live not just effectively, but also wholeheartedly and meaningfully.


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