DISC Decisions: Why You Always Choose the Movie on Movie Night

by | May 10, 2024 | Blog

Ah, movie night—the sacred ritual where friends or family gather to bask in the glow of the big screen, only to spend what feels like an eternity deciding what to watch. In this cinematic standoff, a curious phenomenon often unfolds, one where certain DISC profiles, particularly those with high Dominance, seem to wield the remote like a scepter, guiding (or dictating) the group’s viewing choice.

Note: The following is simply a humerous exercise to help you better understand how DISC traits may manifest in normal life choices, not literal application.

Let’s delve into a humorous exploration of why, when it comes to choosing movies or TV shows for group settings, the Dominant personalities often end up at the helm, steering the ship towards their preferred cinematic shores, whether anyone else likes it or not.

The Dominant Decider: Captain of the Remote

Imagine the scene: the popcorn is ready, the lights are dimmed, and a diverse array of movie preferences fills the air like a popcorn kernel about to pop. Enter the person with high Dominance traits, who approaches the decision-making process with the confidence of a seasoned film director. “How about we watch The Fast and the Furious 23?” they suggest, with a tone that suggests it’s more of a decree than a suggestion. The Dominant personality doesn’t just propose; they pitch with the conviction of someone who’s already loaded the movie and hit play.

For the Dominant decider, the movie night is yet another arena to assert leadership and decisiveness. Their choice often leans towards films that mirror their own traits: action-packed, decisive, and, dare we say, a little imposing. The thrill of making quick decisions extends to their entertainment, where indecision is the only true villain.

The Influence Instigators: The Hype Squad

Then we have the Influence personalities, who, while they may not always seize the remote, play a pivotal role in the movie-selection democracy (or lack thereof). They’re the hype squad, rallying enthusiasm for whatever genre might bring the most laughter, tears, or gasps. “Oh, I heard The Fast and the Furious 23 is amazing!” they’ll chime in, backing the Dominant’s choice with the excitement of a movie trailer voiceover artist. However, their support is fluid, and they’re just as likely to generate buzz for the underdog indie film someone hesitantly suggests from the corner of the couch.

The Steady Sitters: The Consensus Seekers

The high Steadiness individuals are the peacemakers of movie night, preferring to find a choice that satisfies the group’s diverse tastes. They’re the ones who, when faced with the Dominant’s assertive selection, gently ask, “But does everyone like action movies?” Their goal is harmony, ensuring that movie night remains a bonding experience, not a battleground. Unfortunately, their diplomatic efforts often get overshadowed by the louder voices, relegating them to the role of supportive viewers, nodding along to the majority decision while secretly hoping for a rom-com next time.

The Conscientious Critics: The Quality Controllers

Lastly, the high Conscientious folks are the movie night’s unsung heroes, silently noting down everyone’s suggestions and cross-referencing them with ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. They’re the quality controllers, concerned less with genre and more with ensuring the group invests their time wisely. “Well, The Fast and the Furious 23 only has a 60% rating,” they might point out, hoping to steer the decision towards a critically acclaimed documentary. Yet, their well-intentioned input is often lost in the cacophony of popcorn munching and the Dominant’s enthusiasm for high-speed chases.

The Curtain Call

So, why do the Dominant personalities often end up choosing the movie on movie night? It’s a mix of their natural inclination to lead, the Influencers’ energetic backing, the Steadiness group’s harmony-seeking nature, and the Conscientious members’ focus on quality, all playing out in a comedic dance of decision-making dynamics. In the end, movie night isn’t just about what you watch but how the decision reflects the diverse personalities gathered around the screen. And for the Dominant deciders among us, remember: with great power (of the remote) comes great responsibility—to at least occasionally let someone else pick the movie.


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