DISC: The Complete Guide To High I People

by | Dec 4, 2023 | Blog

In the world of DISC Assessments, a high I individual has unique behavioral traits that are different from high D, high S, or high C. We’ve created a human persona of these high I traits that we like to call Interactive Ira.

Why do we call them Interactive Ira? You may have heard the I in DISC described with another word. Some DISC reports use different terminology to describe each column. You may have heard these terms used: Dominant, Influencing, Submissive, Compliant. That was the language used back in the 1920’s when the DISC model was created. Times have changed and we prefer to apply words that don’t feel quite so negative. So, we changed Influencing to Interactive.

Defining A Higher I

Interactive Ira can be described as warm, friendly, and approachable. They are typically emotionally intelligent, and can read the temperature in a room and adjust their behavior accordingly. They feel adjusting their behavior in this way helps them to be liked which is one of their drivers. Interactive Ira’s are naturally trusting of others and you can often find them sharing lots of information about themselves very early on in a conversation or relationship. You could also describe them as collaborative, enthusiastic, emotional, and impulsive.

High I Likes

People with a higher I score on the DISC like Interactive Ira usually like new experiences and love to meet new people. They get energized when they can collaborate and value working with and being around other people. Interactive Ira and their higher I friends like to feel socially accepted. They prefer working in teams and often have a way with words that fascinates and motivates others. This trait helps them to enjoy networking, meetings, trade shows, and conferences. The more people they get to meet, the better Interactive Ira likes it!

High I Dislikes

The higher I on Interactive Ira’s DISC score points to a person who doesn’t want to fade into the background. Being center stage is more their style. Tough, direct feedback could be hard for Interactive Ira to swallow. They’d prefer more of an interactive exchange on ways to improve. Too much alone time is demotivating to a high I. And don’t try to throw too many different things at them at the same time. They can get overwhelmed and shut down when faced with multiple deadlines. Interactive Ira’s don’t like to say ‘no’.

High I Strengths

A high I on the DISC personality assessment points to someone who is an empathetic people pleaser. Interactive Ira’s are not afraid to take risks. Their extroversion helps them to get along with a variety of the other personality types. Their sense of humor helps them to break the ice with new folks as well as to diffuse volatile situations. Interactive Ira’s are excellent motivators making them good coaches and mentors. They are also skilled mediators so resolving conflicts comes naturally to them.

High I Weaknesses

Since Interactive Ira is a people pleaser, they could struggle saying ‘no’ and can easily get themselves in hot water by taking on too much. Prioritization and time management could be difficult since they believe everything is a top priority. Interactive Ira could work on more balanced decision making that will allow them to mitigate risks. Since they’re unafraid to talk about themselves, they may come across as slightly self-promoting and they could have a tendency to over-sell their own ideas. Criticize Interactive Ira and there’s a good chance they’ll take it personally.

High I Communication Style

Because Interactive Ira’s enjoy people so much, they are usually exceptional communicators. They can be seen as talkative and outgoing. They are effective at expressing themselves and often work well with others. They are not afraid to share their own ideas and enjoy giving equal weight to the ideas of others. Their natural optimism helps them put a positive spin on just about any situation. Building relationships comes easily to Interactive Ira and others with a higher I score on the DISC profile.

High I Training & Learning Style

If you are teaching something new to an Interactive Ira, be prepared to present your ideas in a non-threatening way, and remember to shower some praise on Ira so you can keep them engaged in learning. It’s also important to incorporate spontaneity, flexibility, and variety in the learning environment. Keep things moving or your Interactive Ira’s might get bored and check out. Know that they process new information in an active way and like to collaborate and compare notes with others on the same learning journey.

What It’s Like To Work With a High I

A team setting is where Interactive Ira and their higher I colleagues will shine. These individuals are strong leaders in brainstorming sessions and will work hard to keep the conversation fluid, balanced, and open to everyone. An Interactive Ira loves a good debate! You may see them take the lead in a team setting, but not necessarily because they want to control the conversation. They just want to ensure everyone has the chance to contribute. If you work with an Interactive Ira, you might see their preference for innovation and creative thinking.

If you are fortunate enough to have some high I people on your team, give them opportunities to lead, encourage them to take risks, and be patient with their need for interaction. They’ll do their best work when they feel appreciated and encouraged.


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