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3 Ways DISC Can Improve Your Hiring Process
Sales is fighting with Marketing… again. Think you’ve got the only company where that happens? Nope, it happens in every company that has dedicated sales professionals trying to communicate their needs to individuals assigned with marketing tasks... [Learn More]
Hunting Purple Unicorns
Have you seen the movie ‘Air’ about Nike’s recruitment process of Michael Jordan, arguably the most talented basketball player of his time, if not all time? He was that rare individual who could do it all… [Learn More]
Is My Pre-Hire Assessment Reliable and Valid?
Weaving personality assessments into your recruiting process is a smart business practice. If you’ve employed a reliable and valid tool, you can view your candidates’ potential behavioral strengths and weaknesses, which can help you narrow the field of eligible applicants... [Learn More]
6 Steps To Successfully Recruit Talented People
There are a number of challenges that hiring managers face when it comes to finding and onboarding talented employees. One common challenge is a lack of qualified candidates. With many organizations competing for top talent... [Learn More]
Onboarding Superpowers for Hiring Managers
Overall, bad experiences with employee onboarding and orientation can have a detrimental effect on both the new employee and the company. But as an HR Manager, you don’t have to become a superhero to improve the onboarding experience for your new employees... [>Learn More]
An HR Managers Guide to Using DISC
If you’ve been in the Human Resources or Talent Acquisition space for long, you’re either actively using or are at least familiar with behavioral assessments. The proper distribution and diagnosis of behavioral assessments have been shown to increase your chances of hiring people who will consistently be happier and more productive in their given profession... [>Learn More]