The History and Origin of DISC Assessments and Its Benefits.

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disc assessments
What is DISC?

Can you get to the heart of someone’s personality in just 4 words? You might not be able to but a DISC assessment can help... [Learn More]

The Origins of DISC Theory

The core of Dr. Marston’s theory highlights that there are 4 distinct styles of behavior. He called them Dominance, Influencing, Submission, and Compliance… [Learn More]

The Basics of DISC Assessments

If you want to gain a better understanding of yourself and your relationships with others and connect with people on a deeper level, faster, taking part in a DISC assessment can help... [Learn More]

DISC Profile Validity & Reliability

How do you know that the tool you’re using is reliable and valid? Even before asking that question you should understand the difference between reliability and validity... [Learn More]

How Companies Use DISC
Thinking about using the DISC assessments but don’t think your company is big enough? How big does a company have to be to use DISC? Answer the following question and you’ll have your answer... [Learn More]