Learn to identify someone’s preferred DISC assessment style.

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High D: Decisive Devon

How do you know Devon scores a high D? They can be described as assertive, direct, and high-energy. They seem to thrive in situations that require quick-thinking and action. They love action so much they could appear restless.... [Learn More]

Low D: Deliberate Dani

Dani has a lower D score and it’s natural to think they’re terrible at making decisions. Actually, they make great decisions. Instead of rushing to an outcome like Devon, Deliberate Dani prefers to take their time and come to decisions thoughtfully based on the conscientious information gathering they like to do…. [Learn More]

Everything You Wanted To Know About a High D
Challenges motivate Devon because they provide an opportunity for them to demonstrate their skills and competencies. Higher D’s like Devon enjoy competition and they like being seen as shining stars who can rise above others to face any challenge.... [Learn More]
How High D Learns and Communicates

Since higher D’s on the DISC scale can be described as assertive, direct, and high-energy, they appreciate clear, concise messages that focus on the bottom line and practical outcomes. They may come across as authoritative and appear confident.. [Learn More]

High S: Stabilizing Sasha
You just shook hands with Stabilizing Sasha. They most likely didn’t bound right up to you and reach out their hand because one of their most dominant traits is steadiness. They may prefer to observe the energy in the room before they jump on in….. [Learn More]
Low S: Spontaneous Spencer
Watch Spontaneous Spencer for a bit and you’ll see their preference for action. They’ll appear dynamic, restless, and constantly in motion. They usually avoid routines when they can and are more motivated by varied experiences, change, and the novelty of the new… [Learn More]
Everything You Wanted To Know About a High S
You can describe Stabilizing Sasha as steady, reliable, and patient. They often exhibit a calm, consistent, and supportive demeanor. You could call them even-tempered. Because of their inherent steadiness, you could see them sopping up detail-oriented tasks like a sponge... [Learn More]
How High S Learns and Communicates

Since the Stabilizing Sasha’s of the world can best be described as steady, reliable, and patient, they naturally gravitate toward a warm and friendly style of communication. They tend to be excellent listeners and value open and honest conversations that foster trust and maintain positive relationships... [Learn More]

High I: Interactive Ira

Watch Ira for 2 minutes and you can tell they are higher on the I on the DISC behavioral scale by their influencing ability, excitable tone of voice, and high level of enthusiasm. People like our Ira are typically warm, friendly, and approachable, so they are awesome at building connections with everyone….. [Learn More]

Low I: Introspective Ives
Meet Introspective Ives. This person sitting on the lower end of the Interactive scale is best described as being reserved, independent, and task-oriented. They tend to have a no-nonsense approach to interactions with others and could prefer to work on their own rather than socialize…. [Learn More]
Everything You Wanted To Know About a High I

Interactive Ira can be described as warm, friendly, and approachable. They are typically emotionally intelligent, and can read the temperature in a room and adjust their behavior accordingly. They feel adjusting their behavior in this way helps them to be liked which is one of their drivers... [Learn More]

How High I Learns and Communicates
If you’re in a room full of people you can probably spot the Interactive Ira’s right away. They’re the ones in the middle of the crowd being loud and grabbing everyone’s attention. This is easy to do since they’re typically warm, friendly, and approachable. They have a knack for making other people feel comfortable and building rapport... [Learn More]
High C: Cautious Charlie

Has your team ever been ready to move on a new initiative but there are a couple of people who have just a few more questions before you take action? These are most likely analytical thinkers who value data and facts that support decisions. They are what you could call ‘late adopters’... [Learn More]

Low C: Challenging Carmine
Challenging Carmine gets their name not because they are ‘challenging’ to work with or be around. It’s because they like to challenge the status quo. They prefer to carve their own path and stray from set rules and regulations because they believe there could be a better way to do things…. [Learn More]
Everything You Wanted To Know About a High C
You can describe Cautious Charlie as logical, accurate, and precise. Attention to detail is their bread and butter, and they excel at meticulous work. They make decisions only after gathering all available data and having enough information to feel confident in their choice. You could also say they are perfectionistic… [Learn More]
How High C Learns and Communicates
When communicating with High C Charlie’s, focus on facts and details. Give them an opportunity to digest and analyze information and respect their potential preference for written communication where they can carefully craft and edit their words over verbal exchanges of dialog which tend to be more off the cuff... [Learn More]