DISC Introduction to Decisive Devon

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Learn a little bit about DISC, and you can learn to identify someone’s preferred DISC style with some concentrated observation. We all ‘talk our patterns’ and exhibit behaviors that can provide clues to our preferences. Today we’ll learn to identify a higher D.

You may have heard the D in DISC described with another word. Some DISC reports use different terminology to describe each column. You may be more familiar with these terms: Dominant, Influencing, Submissive, Compliant. That was the language used back in the 1920’s when the DISC model was created. Times have changed and we prefer to apply words that don’t feel quite so negative. So, we changed Dominance to Decisive.

Meet Decisive Devon. How do you know they score high on the D? Devon can be described as assertive, direct, and high-energy. They seem to thrive in situations that require quick-thinking and action. They love action so much they could appear restless.

Give Devon a goal and they’re a happy camper. Their high D characteristics help them enjoy achievement and they tend to be a bit competitive. Assign them a team directive and they want to charge into the lead as quickly as they can. Devon usually inspires others on the team due to their ability to overcome challenges and get stuff done.

Devon is a no-nonsense kind of person and likes to get down to business rather than talk incessantly about the steps you might be about to take. If you spend too much time discussing action, High D Devon’s going to be halfway to the goal already! They like to see progress and want to see it NOW.

If you are lucky enough to have a Decisive Devon or two on your team, buckle up. People who score higher on the D on the DISC scale help you keep moving, but you may want to make sure their actions are focused on necessary outcomes. And be sure to communicate those outcomes in a direct and straightforward way. Remember that Devon and their high D friends want to move.

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