DISC Introduction to Interactive Ira

by | DISC Assessment, DISC University

The DISC model is a personality assessment tool which categorizes behavior into four quadrants: Decisive (D), Interactive (I), Stabilizing (S), and Cautious (C). You can make assumptions about someone’s preferred style by watching their behavior and listening for communication clues. Here are some characteristics of someone whose I is their highest score.

Interactive Ira has stopped in to say hello. Although when Ira says it, it’s more like H-E-L-L-L-L-L-O-O-O-O-O!!! (insert Robin Williams with a face full of whipped cream from the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire) Watch Ira for 2 minutes and you can tell they are higher on the I on the DISC behavioral scale by their influencing ability, excitable tone of voice, and high level of enthusiasm. People like our Ira are typically warm, friendly, and approachable, so they are usually awesome at building and maintaining connections with just about anybody.

Positivity is another trait you can see, feel, and hear when you interact with high I Ira. They are usually relentlessly optimistic and like to share their enthusiasm so they can inspire and uplift others. With their natural charm and charisma, they often have the ability to influence and captivate. They might excel at public speaking, training, or sales more than others with different high scores on the DISC scale.

It’s not all sunshine and roses with the Interactive Ira’s of the world, though. High I folks could be seen as impulsive, may lack attention to detail, and could struggle with structure and discipline. They may also tend to over-promise and under-deliver because of their enthusiasm and desire to please others. Patience and active listening might be skills they could work to develop.

If you work with an Interactive Ira, you might see their preference for innovation and creative thinking. Ira and their higher I friends are usually open to new experiences and comfortable taking risks, which allows them to navigate unfamiliar situations with ease.

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