How High C’s Learn and Communicate

by | DISC Assessment, DISC University

In the DISC model, the C stands for Cautious. Folks who score high in the C can best be described as perfectionistic, conscientious, and analytical. We think of them as Cautious Charlie since they typically thrive on precision, accuracy and logic. When conversing with or training someone high on the C, it’s best to keep in mind the following.

Chatting with Charlie

When communicating with High C Charlie’s, focus on facts and details. Give them an opportunity to digest and analyze information and respect their potential preference for written communication where they can carefully craft and edit their words over verbal exchanges of dialog which tend to be more off the cuff. If you do engage in conversation, particularly where you may be sharing concepts that are new to Charlie, be prepared for lots of questions. They usually crave details so they can develop a deep understanding of a new topic.

Training Charlie

When learning, Cautious Charlie’s need time to process information and may enjoy solitary, self-paced training over loud, interactive sessions which they may find distracting. Written instructions and detailed, comprehensive texts light their fire. They want to gather as much information as they can and need time to digest it thoroughly before they are asked to demonstrate their grasp of the new concept. Be sure to build some quiet time into your training sessions to accommodate these preferences.

Final Thoughts

By understanding the communication and training preferences of higher C’s you can expect incredibly detailed and concise output. Cautious Charlie’s thoughtful and meticulous approach and potential reserved nature are incredibly valuable in situations that require precision and accuracy.

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