Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About High D’s

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Why do we call them Decisive Devon? You may have heard the D in DISC described with another word. Some DISC reports use different terminology to describe each column. You may have heard these terms used: Dominant, Influencing, Submissive, Compliant. That was the language used back in the 1920’s when the DISC model was created. Times have changed and we prefer to apply words that don’t feel quite so negative. So, we changed Dominant to Decisive.

Defining A High D

Decisive Devon can be described as assertive, direct, and high-energy. They appear to thrive in situations that require quick-thinking and action. Devon could also be described as driven, demanding, strong-willed, and highly motivated. They are self-starters, individuals who are most comfortable when they are in control of the situation and their environment.

High D’s Likes

Higher D’s like Devon enjoy feeling the confidence that comes from making quick decisions. They prefer to be straightforward in their decision-making process: identify the issue, decide on what to do about it, and get moving. Challenges motivate Devon because they provide an opportunity for them to demonstrate their skills and competencies. Higher D’s like Devon enjoy competition and they like being seen as shining stars who can rise above others to face any challenge. Devon and their friends relish being visionaries who enjoy looking at the big picture and setting ambitious goals to make things happen.

High D’s Dislikes

Decisive Devon does not like to hit the brakes. Saddling Devon with too many details and minutia could make them feel restless or inattentive. Due to their propensity for quick-thinking, they can become impatient if there’s too much talking and not enough action. Sticking too strictly to an agenda can be irksome to Devon since they usually enjoy contributing. Devons don’t enjoy dwelling too much on past successes because they’re already thinking about what’s next.

High D’s Strengths

High D style individuals like Devon enjoy taking on difficult projects that others may perceive as impossible because they are adept at persevering, motivating, and directing the team until success is achieved. They’re striving for that ‘shining star’ moment where they can demonstrate their prowess. Their inherent optimism is contagious and helps them through the rough times. Their competitiveness helps them keep their eye on the prize even when great risks are apparent. Decisive Devon can be both firm and friendly as the situation demands.

High D’s Potential Weaknesses

We’ve established that higher D styles such as Decisive Devon and those like them are decisive. It’s right there in the name. While this can be efficient and it can sometimes be perceived by others as rash, rude, or impulsive. Decisive Devons could also make decisions that involve other people without gathering input from others and they might not see the need to share information after the decision has been made. Their high ego could appear blunt or critical to people who don’t share the same ego strength. Decisive Devons may need to take a step back at times and realize that not every situation is a challenge to be conquered. Because they are naturally assertive they may have a hard time trusting that others can operate as effectively as they do which could lead to a struggle with delegating.

High D’s Communication Style

Because higher D’s like Devon can be described as assertive, direct, and high-energy, they appreciate clear, concise messages that focus on the bottom line and practical outcomes. High D Devons want you to get to the point… and FAST! They prefer a quick pace and if you want their help in making a decision, you’ll get it… also FAST! They prefer not to overthink things. Higher D personality types have a ‘take a risk, git ‘er done, and deal with any consequences later’ mindset.

High D’s Training & Learning Style

You can describe the best way to teach high D personality types like Decisive Devon something new in 3 words: Keep It Active! Let them practice, get them up out of their seats, and don’t strain their patience by delivering long monologues. Since Devon and their high D friends thrive in situations that require quick-thinking and action, make sure you’re including role plays and games into their training sessions. Adding a little friendly competition and some focused Q&A time will keep them engaged. Praise and encouragement go a long way to keeping Devon in focused learning mode.

What It’s Like To Work With a High D

Those with high D’s often find themselves in leadership roles because they act supremely confident, not necessarily because they are looking for a title. Once in a leadership position they may come across as authoritative and confident, and if you give them an opening, they’ll take charge. Their focus on outcomes and goals means they could be more apt to prioritize tasks and have less time for working on relationships. Decisive Devon and their friends are often quite transparent about their intentions, feelings, and deeper thoughts which can lead to clear and very direct communication. Don’t talk down to them, get to the point quickly, and don’t ramble.

If you are lucky enough to have a Decisive Devon or two on your team, buckle up. People who score higher on the D on the DISC scale help you keep moving, but you may want to make sure their actions are focused on necessary outcomes. And be sure to communicate those outcomes in a direct and straightforward way. Remember that Devon and their high D friends want to move.

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