DISC Introduction to Spontaneous Spencer

by | DISC Assessment, DISC University

Did you know there are great qualities on the high AND low side of the scoring on the DISC personality assessment? Because we’ve all been conditioned that the higher the score the better we must be at something, it’s natural for people to believe that the only good qualities on the DISC graph happen when your score is at the top. Today, we’ll disprove that by discussing highs and lows of the S column.

We already met Stabilizing Sasha who has higher S scores on the DISC profile which means they can be best described as steady, reliable, patient, and consistent. All great qualities if you need someone to do repetitive tasks at a slower pace. What if you need speed, improvisation, and flexibility? Then Spontaneous Spencer is who you should seek. You’ll find them on the lower side of the S scale.

Watch Spontaneous Spencer for a bit and you’ll see their preference for action. They’ll appear dynamic, restless, and constantly in motion. They usually avoid routines when they can and are more motivated by varied experiences, change, and the novelty of the new. Give them a fast-paced environment over a steady slog all day long. They don’t need to overthink decisions, and you won’t catch them pondering which way to go next. They’ll prefer to just GO!

All of that action might have a downside. Spontaneous Spencer could be prone to impulsiveness or they might suck at follow-through. Give them a long-term project and they may struggle to stay engaged, especially when there are repetitive tasks involved. Their motto could be ‘Variety is the spice of life!’ so keep this in mind when delegating.

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