How High D’s Learn and Communicate

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How you score on the DISC assessment can be seen in the way that you act. Let’s observe Decisive Devon in a couple of common life situations.

Talking with High D’s

Since higher D’s on the DISC scale can be described as assertive, direct, and high-energy, they appreciate clear, concise messages that focus on the bottom line and practical outcomes. They may come across as authoritative and appear confident, and if you give them an opening, they’ll take charge of the conversation.

If you have something to share with High D Devon, get to the point… and FAST! They prefer a quick pace and you can hear that in their speech pattern if you listen. If you want their help in making a decision, you’ll get it… also FAST! They don’t see a need to overthink things. They’d prefer to take a risk, git ‘er done, and deal with any consequences later.

Training High D’s

Teaching Devon something new should be done in a very active way. Since Devon and their high D friends thrive in situations that require quick-thinking and action, make sure you’re including role plays, games, or opportunities to practice what you’re preaching. Adding a little friendly competition will light their fire and keep them engaged. Focus on getting them up out of their seats. Too much sitting and listening strains their patience.

Split up monologues by asking questions and allowing them time to share their opinions and experiences. But keep an eye on the clock. Lengthy discussions don’t appeal to their restless nature, and they’ll check out during a long one-sided speech.

High D’s Communication Style – Final Thoughts

Provide Decisive Devon’s direct communication and hands-on experiences and watch them come to life.

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