DISC Introduction to Challenging Carmine

by | DISC Assessment, DISC University

The DISC personality assessment and report provide literally thousands of classifications based on people’s high and low scores in each category. And those classifications happen when you’re looking at both sides of the graph, the highs as well as the lows. We met Cautious Charlie whose behavior places them at the top of the C section. We’ll find Challenging Carmine on the bottom, and that doesn’t mean their characteristics are lacking in any way. Check it out…

Challenging Carmine gets their name not because they are ‘challenging’ to work with or be around. It’s because they like to challenge the status quo. They prefer to carve their own path and stray from set rules and regulations because they believe there could be a better way to do things. You can consider them trailblazers by nature who like to solve problems with out-of-the-box thinking.

Taking a few risks allows Challenging Carmine to use their considerable imaginations to come up with creative solutions. They thrive in environments that others may find unstructured and free-wheeling, but this suits Carmine because this appears to be a fit with their preference for their unstructured and spontaneous lifestyle. They like to think big-picture over nitty-gritty details, so keep things loose and allow them to be a little unconventional. You’ll get their best work by not holding them to strict quality standards or having them comply to set rules.

In relationships, Challenging Carmines could be described as relaxed and easy-going. They might value informal communication over conventional methods of sharing information, so keep it light and you’ll keep their attention. Too strict or stodgy and their attention will drift elsewhere. The strengths and weaknesses of the low C personality type brings tons of creativity and adaptability to any team or organization.

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