Various DISC Combination Styles You’ll Encounter.

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Meet High D/C Darcy
They are driven by results and love to overcome challenges by accomplishing tasks efficiently. They are not afraid of conflict, and you might even see them stir the pot a bit so they can be challenged by others with differing opinions... [Learn More]
Meet High D/I Dixon
Did you know it’s common to have some of the DISC styles travel in pairs? When a higher D meets a higher I, you have the potential for someone both Decisive and Interactive. When you pool the qualities from the top of those DISC columns… [Learn More]
Meet High S/I Sidney
DISC behavioral styles often travel in pairs. Here we’ll examine what happens with someone with a higher S (Stabilizing) also has a higher I (Interactive). Let’s meet Sidney... [Learn More]
Meet High S/C Scout
The 4 DISC behavioral styles are Decisive, Interactive, Stabilizing, and Cautious. Did you know that many people have high scores in 2 areas? When they do we can make some assumptions about their typical behavioral preferences... [Learn More]