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Did you know it’s common to have some of the DISC styles travel in pairs? We’ve already met Decisive Devon and Interactive Ira. When they combine their superpowers what should we call them? Devo-ra or Von-ir? Actually since it’s a cross between 2 behavioral characteristics let’s meet Decisively Interactive Dixon.

When a higher D meets a higher I, you have the potential for someone both Decisive and Interactive. When you pool the qualities from the top of those DISC columns, they look like this:

DISC styles: High D High I

DISC styles: High D High I

The combination of these preferences makes Dixon a dominant force in any situation. They tend to be assertive and aren’t afraid to step up, take charge, and give direction to anyone else in the room.

Dixon’s higher D also contributes to their powerful desire to achieve goals, get results, and keep on moving. They possess a strong will, are very determined, and enjoy taking risks. You could describe them as very action-oriented.

Now, add to that a sprinkling of charm and charisma. Dixon is outgoing, a social butterfly, and easy to talk to. You could say they have a magnetic personality and others are naturally drawn to them. They enjoy being in the spotlight and have fun being the life of the party.

Put Dixon in a group or team setting and those high D and I traits add up to an individual who is inspiring, motivating, and engaging while being determined to achieve, driving themselves and others to get stuff done. You’ll often find Dixon in a sales role, however, they could appear on any team. You’ll know them when you see them… they’re often loud, proud, and standing out from the crowd.

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