Meet High S/I Sidney

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DISC behavioral styles often travel in pairs. Here we’ll examine what happens with someone with a higher S (Stabilizing) also has a higher I (Interactive). Let’s meet Sidney.

Sidney resides squarely at the top of both the S and the I columns. You can see their most dominant traits here:

DISC styles: High S High I

DISC styles: High S High I

Stability and empathy are the hallmark characteristics of people like Sidney. They are incredibly compassionate and caring individuals who are always willing to lend a hand or an ear or support others in whatever way they might need. They’re natural nurturers and strive to help people feel safe and valued.

The Sidney’s of the world connect easily with people’s emotions and needs, making them excellent team players and dedicated, reliable friends.

When you pool all of that quiet stability from the S with the traits of the higher I, you’ve created a unique pattern that contains both charismatic and nurturing qualities. You can understand Sidney’s desire to support others based on their high S, but it’s ramped up when it’s combined with the ease of connecting with people that comes from their higher I.

Sidney is an excellent networker with their natural sociability and compelling desire to be around other people. They enjoy getting things done through others but couldn’t be considered push. They prefer a more subtle, patient approach to motivation.

Higher S/I’s like Sidney would be excellent in customer service or coaching roles. They are driven by their desire to create a harmonious, drama-free environment that is pleasant for everyone.

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