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The 4 DISC behavioral styles are Decisive, Interactive, Stabilizing, and Cautious. Did you know that many people have high scores in 2 areas? When they do we can make some assumptions about their typical behavioral preferences.

Today, we’ll meet Stable Conscientious Scout who has high scores in both the S and the C columns. Here are some words that might describe Scout and others who have top scores in the same places:

DISC styles high S high C

DISC styles high S high C

Scout will typically enjoy stability and exhibit empathy like Stabilizing Sasha and they’ll add a dash of Cautious Charlie’s characteristics like conscientiousness and attention to detail. This combination of traits has them appear dependable, thorough, and methodical. Let’s examine each category separately and then blend them together.

Scout’s higher S usually manifests in a strong sense of patience, predictability, and calmness. They prefer harmonious environments and when they find one, or better yet have the ability to create one, they’ll be incredibly loyal to it. This sense of loyalty may make it harder for them to accept change. They prefer consistency and routine. Their first instinct in a chaotic environment is to find a way to create some structure.

When we add in the conscientiousness that comes with a higher C, we have further enhanced Scout’s reliability and precision. There’s an added sense of responsibility so they strive to be meticulous, accurate, and efficient. They usually enjoy more structured environments so they can apply their problem-solving skills in a methodical way.

Add that S and C together and you’re observing a diligent dynamo! Scouts will be patient listeners who systematically gather all of the information they need to make sound decisions and keep projects on track.
They might be slow to change, but because they prefer diligent and quality work, and like to couple that with a stable and harmonious environment, they become valuable contributors in both personal and professional arenas. They are the steady forces that help keep things running smoothly, diligently working behind the scenes to ensure success.

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