If Decisive Devon and Cautious Charlie had a baby they’d welcome high D/C Darcy to the world! Darcy would be a blend of what could be seen as similar and yet sometimes opposing DISC styles. Let’s give baby Darcy a thorough examination.

Here’s how the gene pool looked before Decisive Devon and Cautious Charlie hooked up:

DISC styles high D high C

DISC styles high D high C

Decisive Devon gives little Darcy a strong will and a very active nature. They are driven by results and love to overcome challenges by accomplishing tasks efficiently. They are not afraid of conflict, and you might even see them stir the pot a bit so they can be challenged by others with differing opinions. They gain a sense of satisfaction when they can accurately defend their position.

Cautious Charlie contributes diligence, a desire for accuracy, and detail orientation. They seek out facts and logic and can appear to be sticklers for precision and quality. Darcy’s ability to be organized and methodical shows up in their work style. They like when everything is executed with efficiency and accuracy. Betcha Darcy would like to get their little hands on some legos.

In combination, we might describe Darcy as deliberately determined.

When D/C Darcy grows up and enters the workplace, you could find them in a role where they can quickly make lots of thoughtful decisions. They might not spend as much time researching as their procreator Cautious Charlie, but you can be assured their decisions will be well balanced in that they will incorporate both calculated risks and logical analysis.

Together, these two traits make high D/C Darcy a self-reliant powerhouse. They thrive in environments where they can demonstrate their ability to lead and their capacity to meticulously manage tasks. But they might have to temper their intense focus on perfection and results so they don’t seem overly critical or detached. Overall their unique blend of assertiveness and accuracy makes them extremely valuable, especially in roles that require both leadership and attention to detail.

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