DISC Introduction to Deliberate Dani

by | DISC Assessment, DISC University

When many people learn of where they score on the DISC scale, they may only focus on where their numbers are the highest. But we’ve found there are great qualities on both the high and the low sides of the scores. Let’s concentrate on the first letter of the acronym: D. We’ve already met Decisive Devon who sits at the top of the D column. Using Dr. Marston’s words, the professor who created the DISC model, you could describe them as Dominant Devon.

Today, we’ll examine the person scoring lower on the D column, Deliberate Dani.

Our buddy, Dani, has a D score on the lower side, and it’s natural to think they must just suck at making decisions. Actually, that’s not true. They make great decisions, they just go about it differently than Decisive (Dominant) Devon. Instead of rushing to an outcome like Devon, Deliberate Dani prefers to take their time, do some research, and come to decisions thoughtfully based on the conscientious information gathering they like to do.

Deliberate Dani may also prefer a more collaborative approach to decision making. They might like to involve others, share information, and come to consensus rather than jumping to their own conclusions quickly. This means lower D’s like Dani are well-suited to team environments that emphasize cooperation and collective efforts.

Don’t expect a Deliberate Dani to jump right into a situation and take charge. Their conflict-averse style has them appear more easy-going and agreeable. But if you need someone level-headed who can happily sit back, observe, and then contribute, find yourself a Dani.

If you’re lucky, you have Deliberate Dani’s and Decisive (Dominant) Devon’s on your team. Quick action and fast decisions is work for Devon. Thoughtful, more collaborative efforts are Dani’s territory. When you allow room for both at the conference table, magic happens.

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