Aesthetic: The 7 Dimensions of Value and Motivation

by | Values Assessment

In the early 1900’s, a German philosopher named Dr. Eduard Spranger studied and wrote about the different ways people view the world around them. He identified 6 categories in his Values Theory, one of which was called the Aesthetic.

Someone with a high aesthetic value has a keen appreciation for form, balance, and beauty. They want to see it, touch it, and feel it in every aspect of their life. It’s about artistic appreciation rather than artistic expression. Just because someone has a high aesthetic value doesn’t mean they’re an artist. There are plenty of people with high aesthetic drives who would not characterize themselves as particularly creative or artistic, but they do have a sharp eye for detail and can observe and identify subtleties that others might miss.

How things appear is important, but just as important is how things feel. Here is where harmony takes center stage to a high aesthetic. Being naturally averse to confrontation, they are inspired to create and protect a calm environment. Ensuring balance is maintained is also important. They work hard to create a smoother path for others. ALL others, not just a select few. Keeping the scales balanced is key.

A high aesthetic drive also manifests in the giving and receiving of respect. They may have a high regard for others and when they do, they’d appreciate some reciprocation of that feeling.

You may be able to spot someone with a high aesthetic drive when they consistently comment about their surroundings, noticing and appreciating beauty in even the most unlikely places.

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