Theoretical: The 7 Dimensions of Value and Motivation

by | Values Assessment

Dr. Eduard Spranger introduced the concept of values as a way to understand the different motivators that people consider important and meaningful in their lives. One of these values is Theoretical.

Someone with a high theoretical drive may have an inclination toward driving for the truth. They could be considered a constant seeker of facts and information so they can gain a deeper understanding of the data at hand.

Behaviorally a high theoretical value manifests in intense and insatiable curiosity. You may hear them describe their continuous journey of learning. A high theoretical drive can be seen when someone enjoys digging down deep into 1 or 2 key topics or developing an appreciation for more diverse knowledge on a variety of topics.

People with high scores in the theoretical area often show an aptitude for critical thinking and problem solving. They appreciate time to reflect and be alone with their thoughts so that they can develop the necessary wisdom and insight to operate in their chosen space. You can often find them pursuing scientific and philosophical endeavors.

Those with high theoretical values enjoy learning for the sake of learning rather than learning for the sake of applying that knowledge. You may see their passion for logic, rational decision making, and consistency. They will gravitate toward roles where they can expand their knowledge base, grow their intellect, and contribute to the advancement of their chosen field.

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