Altruistic: The 7 Dimensions of Value and Motivation

by | Values Assessment

In his book published in 1914, Types of Men: The Psychology and Ethics of Personality, Dr. Eduard Spranger identified people with what he called a high Social value. Since his classification was more about contribution rather than social conversation and relationships, we have changed this category’s name to Altruistic.

Someone possessing a high altruistic value is deeply empathetic and committed to the concerns and welfare of others. They often place the needs and desires of others ahead of their own, sometimes to a fault. It’s possible their overly trusting nature can lead to them being taken advantage of or giving others way too much latitude and way too many chances to succeed.

Their altruism has a tendency to shine through in their actions whether they are helping an individual or working to improve society and community as a whole. They have a natural gift for supporting, helping, and understanding others which makes their social interactions powerful and meaningful.

Those with high scores in the altruist category can be found in service roles or working for social causes and community advocacy. They prioritize cooperation, collaboration, and harmony exhibiting their deep sense of empathy and a desire to create balance and provide justice for all.

You might be able to identify someone with a high altruistic driver as their influence and selflessness has a tendency to inspire others. They are usually well regarded in their social circles not because they seek recognition but exactly the opposite. Their genuine care and understanding resonate with others.

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