Political: The 7 Dimensions of Value and Motivation

by | Values Assessment

In his work attempting to categorize the different personality types, the German psychologist Dr. Eduard Spranger identified people with a high Political value. Now hearing the word ‘political’ you may think immediately about politics or government. While that could be part of this person’s expression of values, it’s definitely not all of it.

Someone possessing a high political value is interested in the mechanism of governance, and that could mean not only governance of a formal political system but also governance of an organization or social group. Basically these are the people who enjoy being in charge, and that can manifest in a variety of ways.

The person who jumps in and takes control of a meeting or conversation may have a high political drive. They have a strong desire to lead and be seen as a director or someone who gives solid guidance. They place a premium on control of their own lives as well as the lives of others.

Those with high scores in the political category can be found in leadership roles, whether the C-suite, management, or even informal leadership. They may also gravitate toward sales or commission-based roles where they can exhibit control of the sales process. Wherever you find them, they have a tendency to be outspoken when it comes to the direction they believe a team or group should be taking.

You may be able to spot someone with high political scores as they step forward to take command of a situation or conversation. They typically excel at negotiation, alliance building, and persuasion. No matter how outspoken they appear, remember it’s coming from a place of striving for the greater good for everyone.

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