Economic: The 7 Dimensions of Value and Motivation

by | Values Assessment

In Dr. Eduard Spranger’s theory of personality, he characterized 6 basic value attitudes one of which is the Economic. Someone with a high economic drive is typically motivated by practical returns and financial gains. Yes, it’s about money but it’s not ALL about money. It’s about ROI, return on investment. They are asking themselves: “If I do this, what will I get in return?” Before they invest time, money, resources, or people, they’re asking what will be coming back their way.

A high economic drive prompts a person to lean toward efficiency and economy. They are interested in what is useful to help them achieve practical gains. Policies and practices geared towards maximizing productivity could be prominent for this type of individual.

People with high economic drivers enjoy competition and are fed by a desire to achieve. They can be described as goal-directed and achievement-minded. Incentives and rewards are desirable and will motivate them to take risks, as long as the payoff is deemed appropriate for the investment in their effort.

You can often find individuals with high economic values in commission-based or entrepreneurial roles where they can see a direct correlation between their efforts and their results.

Listen for someone with a higher economic drive to talk about ‘winning’ or coming out on top. If they can’t find someone else to compete with, you’ll find them challenging themselves in some way. The greater the challenge, the better they like it.

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