Using the Attribute Index to Discover and Develop High Potentials

by | Attribute Index, DISC University


Identifying high-potential employees is crucial for ensuring leadership continuity and organizational growth. The Attribute Index can be a key tool in recognizing and nurturing this talent.

Spotting High Potentials

High potentials often exhibit a unique blend of intrinsic motivation and analytical problem-solving skills. The Attribute Index helps in identifying these traits by analyzing how individuals approach decision-making and how they interact within a team setting.

Tailored Leadership Development

Once high potentials are identified, the Attribute Index can guide the development of customized leadership training programs. These programs focus on expanding their leadership competencies, enhancing their strategic thinking capabilities, and preparing them for higher responsibilities.

Succession Planning

Advanced insights from the Attribute Index also assist in succession planning by matching the profiles of high potentials with the competencies required for critical roles in the organization, ensuring a smooth transition and continued leadership effectiveness.


By applying advanced techniques with the Attribute Index, organizations can not only identify high potentials but also actively engage in their growth and preparation for future leadership roles, securing the company’s success in the competitive landscape.

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