Advanced Interpretation of the Attribute Index for HR Professionals

by | Attribute Index, DISC University


For HR professionals, mastering the advanced interpretation of the Attribute Index can transform the strategic management of human capital. This post explores how to leverage complex insights from the Attribute Index to enhance decision-making and HR strategies.

Deep Diving into Data

Advanced interpretation involves looking beyond surface-level scores to understand the interplay between different attributes. For example, an employee might score high in systemic thinking but moderate in personal thinking. This combination suggests they are well-suited for roles requiring structured creativity but may need support in roles requiring high emotional intelligence.

Predictive Analytics

Using the Attribute Index data, HR professionals can predict potential challenges and successes for employees in specific roles. Predictive analytics helps in planning developmental interventions that preemptively address potential gaps and leverage strengths effectively.

Customized Development Plans

With a deep understanding of an individual’s cognitive and emotional attributes, HR can tailor development programs that are much more effective, focusing on nurturing strengths and mitigating weaknesses in a way that is aligned with organizational goals.


Advanced interpretation of the Attribute Index equips HR professionals with the tools needed to make informed decisions about talent management. This strategic approach ensures that the workforce is not only competent but also well-aligned with the future direction of the organization.

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