Using Targeted Talent Assessments to Uncover Organizational Challenges

by | Attribute Index, DISC University


Organizational challenges can vary widely, from lagging productivity to high employee turnover. The Attribute Index offers targeted talent assessments that can help address these challenges effectively by ensuring that the right people are tackling the right problems.

Identifying Skills Gaps

The Attribute Index can identify skills gaps within teams and departments, allowing HR to take proactive measures in recruitment or training to fill these gaps. This targeted approach prevents future performance issues and aligns skills with strategic needs.

Enhancing Employee Retention

Understanding the inherent attributes of employees helps in crafting roles and career paths that are more satisfying and engaging for them. The Attribute Index facilitates this understanding, leading to lower turnover rates and higher employee loyalty.

Driving Innovation

Innovation requires a mix of diverse thinking styles. The Attribute Index helps in assembling teams with complementary skills and decision-making styles, creating an environment conducive to innovation and creative problem-solving.


Addressing organizational challenges requires a deep understanding of the workforce’s inherent talents and capabilities. The Attribute Index provides this insight, allowing organizations to strategically manage their human resources to overcome challenges and drive growth.

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