Talent Acquisition and the Attribute Index: Identifying Competencies

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Finding the ideal talented candidate goes beyond mere qualifications and experience. It delves into the inherent competencies that predict long-term success. The Attribute Index is pivotal in this process, offering a deep dive into the intrinsic qualities of potential hires.

Identifying Core Competencies

The Attribute Index evaluates candidates across various dimensions—personal, practical, and analytical thinking. This multidimensional assessment helps HR professionals understand not just what skills candidates possess, but how they use these skills in different situations. For instance, a candidate with strong analytical thinking skills is ideal for roles requiring critical thinking and problem-solving.

Streamlining the Recruitment Process

By integrating the Attribute Index in the initial screening process, organizations can efficiently sort through large volumes of applicants to find those whose inherent competencies align with the company’s needs. This precision not only saves time but also significantly enhances the quality of hires.

Case Studies of Success

Numerous organizations have transformed their talent acquisition strategies using the Attribute Index. For example, a tech startup was able to reduce its turnover rate by 30% after they began matching candidates’ decision-making styles with the specific demands of their open roles.


Incorporating the Attribute Index into talent acquisition processes empowers organizations to make more informed hiring decisions. This strategic approach leads to higher employee satisfaction, better job performance, and ultimately, increased organizational success.

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