Dr. Robert S. Hartman: The Science Behind Human Values and Decision-making

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Dr. Robert S. Hartman, a notable philosopher and mathematician, began his life in Berlin, Germany, in 1910. He lived in Germany during Adolf Hitler’s ascent to power as an adult in the 1930s.

Dr. Robert Hartman

During World War II, Robert S. Hartman’s personal experience with the rise of Nazism profoundly shaped his philosophy and career.

Living under Hitler’s regime, he was deeply affected by the horrors and ethical crises of the time. His ultimate work aimed to understand and quantify what makes actions or qualities good or bad.

The Science of Axiology

Axiology is the philosophical study of value, encompassing the nature of value in material entities, conceptual entities, and human experiences.

Dr. Robert S. Hartman significantly advanced axiology by developing a formal approach to quantify values, creating a systematic way to assess the goodness or value of various aspects of human life.

His work led to practical applications, such as the Attribute Index, which helps evaluate individuals’ decision-making styles and cognitive values in professional and personal settings.

The Creation of the Attribute Index

Even though he didn’t create the science of Axiology, Hartman’s contributions turned axiology into a practical tool for assessing human understanding and decision-making, leading to his development of the Attribute Index based on these principles. The Attribute Index being a system to objectively measure the values and decision-making processes of individuals.

Hartman’s methodology combines mathematical precision with philosophical insights, allowing for a detailed assessment of cognitive styles. His theory has been influential in enhancing business practices by helping organizations better understand and utilize their human resources effectively.

This approach has facilitated the alignment of personal values with professional roles, thereby optimizing both individual satisfaction and organizational productivity.

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