Individualistic: The 7 Dimensions of Value and Motivation

by | Values Assessment

In his study of the psychology of personality, Dr. Gordon Allport stressed the importance of Individualistic values. He identified people deeply committed to self-reliance, personal freedom, and individual achievement. This is not to say they’re selfish, they’d just rather make decisions based upon their own beliefs, preferences, and goals, rather than bend to others’ expectations. You could call them non-conformists.

Highly individualistic people can be seen as self-confident, assertive, and innovative. They have a tendency to prioritize their own needs over the collective interests of the crowd so they can express their unique identity.

The high individualistic category is where your creatives hang out. Not necessarily because they possess an artistic flair, although that could certainly be the case. It’s more about how they prefer to carve their own path and accomplish tasks in their own distinct way.

You can often find high individualistics in roles where they can express their uniqueness. You’ll find them pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities since they are not afraid of taking risks or exploring new paths. Actually these light their fire and keep them motivated.

In conversation, people with a higher individualistic drive may push back on a word choice or possibly argue about semantics. They don’t do this to downplay your viewpoint. For them it’s all about expressing their own personal view in their own special way.

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